Sunday, January 29, 2017

Solemn gratitude for Christ's sacrifice

The front of today's church service bulletin.
Although our pastor died a couple of weeks ago, our church met today and joyfully worshipped our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our associate pastor said that we know by faith our Brother Larry is with Jesus in the heavenly realm, worshipping Him there as we were here.
We had our observance of The Lord's Supper, also known by some churches as Holy Communion. We have that ordinance observation (it is not a sacrament for our congregation) quarterly, and at Easter and Christmas.
Our call to worship was "Grace, Love, and Fellowship." Other hymns we sang were "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us" and "The Solid Rock." A women's trio sang "Jesus, at Your Holy Table."
Our associate pastor preached from I Corinthians 11:23-28. It is a passage Paul wrote about the proper observance of The Lord's Supper. The Corinth church members were having rollicking good times for the rich Christians, who brought lavish meals to church and got drunk on the wine, while the poor Christians sat with little or nothing to eat in observance of the Lord's sacrifice of his body and blood.
Paul laid down rules for observing The Lord's Supper with the admonition that you must not do it in an unworthy manner. The whole idea is to do it in remembrance of the Savior, so you must be someone who recognizes your need for His salvation and you have prayed to receive it.
Later, during our actual partaking of the unleavened bread and the grape juice (we are Baptists, so not real wine), the preacher drove home the point that although these are symbols of His body and blood, our partaking of them is serious, and by doing so, we are sharing in His sacrifice for us, somehow. It was a solemn and sobering observance of the Lord's table. We are grateful He has provided a way for us to live with Him for eternity.
We closed by singing "Blest Be the TieThat Binds" and then leaving quietly.

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