Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillbilly Tupperware

When I call the assorted containers I use to carry food in my lunch bucket Hillbilly Tupperware, I mean no disrespect to either hillbillies or Tupperware.

Tupperware is the benchmark for quality food storage, so my catchy nomenclature is an homage to that product.

As a hillbilly myself, I use the term as one of pride. In this case, I'm proud of us hillbillies for our frugality.

We rural Missouri hillfolk have been practicing recycling a long, long time. We were reusing stuff long before it became trendy.

Take a look at the picture. You'll see that my wife stored some meatloaf in a CoolWhip container for freezing. It doesn't fit in my dinner bucket, so I transferred the meatloaf to a cottage cheese container. I have two sizes of cottage cheese containers. I'll use about anything. You'll also see in that picture a container that once held cake icing or frosting. That little container in the front held, I think, some cheese from Taco Bell. I'll use it to carry Italian dressing to add to my salad.

We hillbillies recycle and reuse all kinds of stuff. One of my grandmas had coffee cans (they used to be metal) full of screws, nuts and washers that she had collected from various places. My other grandma used and reused paper bags, cardboard boxes and every kind of plastic container. Both grandpas were also users and reusers of materials.
My parents, too, are adept adapters of reusable materials, so I guess I am carrying on a family tradition, when I arry my dinner bucket.full of oddball containers.

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Bo said...

My grandmother always reused coffee cans and Cool Whip containers. I find we do it now too - it is affordable and convenient.