Monday, December 22, 2008

Weather and birds

The temperature was missing when I got up this morning. By that I mean it was null, void, zero on my front porch. The digital readout actually said -0.2.

The sun is out and it is no warmer. What happened to that global warming the Democrats were talking about? I'm going to have to do a little internet research on that deal. I was counting on global warming to get me through my old age.

The birds are congregating at my seed and suet feeders. There's a beautiful cardinal on the black sunflower seed feeder right outside my window, and he is eating as fast as he can. I'm going to have to bundle up, go outside and replenish those feeders. I see one safflower seed feeder was emptied yesterday.

If you're not feeding the birds, you should. They can use the help during this cold weather. My wife and I enjoy the birds so we feed year-round and watch them. They're highly entertaining.

That cardinal in the morning sunlight is gorgeous. The Lord did a good job in that design; well, the Lord did a good job in all His designs (except for snakes). Now a tufted titmouse has landed on the feeder with him. Whoops, the cardinal just ran the titmouse away.

I'm going to have to get out there and get some more seed to them. I also need to put some water in the birdbath, although it won't be any time at all before it's frozen. Still, they need water, so maybe they can get to it quick before it freezes.--RDH

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