Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is intelligence declining with each generation?

By R.D. Hohenfeldt
Managing Editor, Ozarks Almanac

The screen at the do-it-yourself checkout lane at Wal-Mart beeped at me one afternoon and informed me I'd have to have some help from someone in authority. All I had done was scan a spray can of polyurethane that I was going to use to seal a bird feeder.

"What did this thing beep for?" I asked the woman who showed up to fix the machine so I could scan some more purchases. "It's just a can of spray paint."

"Well," she said. "Young people buy this stuff and sniff it, so I have to monitor it."

"They sniff spray paint?" I said. "Are young people stupider nowadays?"

"Yes, sir, they are," the clerk said, knowing that the customer is always right.

I told my wife what had happened when I got home, and she told me to make sure the spray nozzle was on the can. She know something I didn't, which is that stores often remove the nozzles of spray paint so kids can't come in the store and sniff the paint.

You know, it's a dadburn shame that stupid kids make shopping inconvenient for those of us who are older, smarter and wiser.

It's sad to note that these little paint-sniffing peckerwoods are going to grow up to drive, vote and pass their genetic material on to the next generation.

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