Sunday, September 25, 2016

What I will do after the election in November

Sen. Ted Cruz
Any doubt I had that President Hillary will be sworn in next Jan. 20 was dispelled this past week when Sen. Ted Cruz said he would vote for Republican candidate Donald Trump.
Actually, I never had any doubt. That is just a play on words. It is going to be President Hillary, just as it was always going to be.
What solidified it for me even further, though, was the reaction of the NeverTrumpers. Nary a one could be found on the social media who said, "Oh, OK, well, if Sen. Cruz is throwing his support behind the Donald for all those good reasons, I guess I will, too."
No, the reaction was this: "Cruz is just another turncoat politician who lacks integrity and spine."
And they vowed never to vote for Trump.
I guess they are going to vote for Hillary, like President George H.W. Bush promised to do. That's a vote for integrity, in the view of the NeverTrumpers.
Or they're going to vote for the Libertarian candidate, because NeverTrumpers are hardcore conservatives who believe in Libertarian values like the elimination of drug laws, the opening of borders, abortion rights and the right for anyone to marry whoever or whatever they want.
Donald Trump, center
Or they're going to honor all the men and women who died in service to this nation and its principles, such as the right to vote, by not voting for anyone.
The NeverTrumpers will vote with the Millennials, the kind of mindless nincompoops who refuse to salute the flag or stand in honor of the national anthem.
The NeverTrumpers will vote with the Black Lives Matter movement, a communist bunch (read their website and tell me I am wrong) who have shown me that looting and burning have become the predominant feature of modern black culture, along with drugs and 'ho''s. It used to be that black culture meant (to outsiders like lily white me) family togetherness, good cooking, church, music and work. It was just like white Southern culture, except it may have been expressed differently. That's all changed. I don't like what black culture has become, and I'm called a racist because of that.
I'll tell you what. I am going to go to the polls in November and cast a vote for Trump. I hope I'm wrong. I hope he wins. He has given a list of good appointees to the Supreme Court and has pledged to use that list if elected. Once Hillary gets in, she'll pack the court with liberals who will be in place the rest of my life.
Then after I vote, and after the winner, Hillary Clinton, is announced, I will never vote for president again. I will vote only for local or district candidates. I'll probably vote for state candidates. I will probably vote for a congressman and senators. I'll be through with the damn presidency. I will cease being a Republican. I will identify myself only as a Confederate. I will continue to fly the battle flag. I will honor the great men of the Confederacy, most of whom were Christians and did not own slaves, for it is clear that I am now on the wrong side of history. And seeing the way the nation is today, I think it is a good side to be.

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