Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hold your nose and make a choice

The Republican National Convention is over, and we've been left with a questionable candidate.

The Democratic National Convention is setting up to begin, and Democrats will be left with a candidate that has clearly broken the law, but has been "cleared" by the FBI.

Not much of a choice for us, but one or the other will be sworn in come Jan. 20, 2017, whether by you like it or not.
A young man who I know well and love dearly has stated publicly that he will vote for neither. I don't know if he is sitting out the election or if he will waste his vote on a third party candidate.

He ought to know better.

His comments upset my wife so much that she could not sleep Friday night. She wrote the following and published it Saturday morning. I'm using it with her permission. I'll add my comments at the end.

It is almost 4:00 in the morning and I am wide awake. Why?? Because I am stewing about a "relative" that I thought was a fairly intelligent young man, and now he is proving that is certainly not the case.
He claims to not like either presidential candidate and will likely not bother to vote at all. I am frustrated that he can not understand that it is his patriotic duty to vote.
Some people may think I get too emotional about politics and take it too seriously. To them I say, "You're absolutely right!"
I think part of the problem in our country today is that people don't take politics seriously enough. How we vote and who we elect to run our country will not only affect our lives for the next four to eight years, but the entire future of America.
To me it is a "life and death" matter, because it could very well determine the life or death of our freedoms and our way of life. How we vote will determine the future we leave for the children of today.
If neither presidential candidate floats your boat, I'm sorry, but you need to put your big boy/girl britches on and get over it. Sometimes we have to not think of it as voting FOR a candidate, but rather voting AGAINST the greater of the two evils.
We just have two choices in our two-party system here in the USA. And if a third party should rear its ugly head, a vote for them would   actually be equal to a vote for the least desirable candidate. A third party candidate has zero chance of being elected, so you are throwing your vote away if you vote for them.
It all seems so simple to me, yet some people just do not seems to understand how important politics really is. It affects every single minute of every single day, every detail of everything we do. From the air we breathe, the cars we drive, the food we eat, the books we read, the schools and churches we attend, to the malls we shop in. Everything is affected in some way by politics because of the taxes we pay, EPA pollution regulations, FDA food inspection, import/export tariffs, federal/state/local funding of schools, tax incentives for businesses, censorship of our media, etc. Nothing is untouched in some way by the government.
So, yes, I am sitting here stewing instead of sleeping. But now that I have gotten this off of my chest I will try to go to sleep since it is now almost 5:00 am.
Good night, friends!! And for heavens sake, PLEASE VOTE in November!!

My wife and I grew up when we had a required class in high school called Civics. There we learned our responsibilities as citizens while also reviewing how our government worked. We also had to pass tests on the state constitution and the U.S. Constitution. Our American history classes taught us about the sacrifices that had been made to win and keep our liberty.

That young man also got good instruction both at school and at home, but for some reason it did not resonate with him.

Whether he or you like it or not, we have only two choices, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

And whether he or you like it or not, those candidates were chosen by people like you and me, Americans who cast votes in their state presidential primaries or who met in party caucuses.

The two party candidates were chosen in the American way, whether you like it or not.

Now you must honor all those historical figures like the Founding Fathers, and all those unknowns like the dead men you see in black-and-white battlefield pictures, and go to the voting booth in November and make a choice.

I know you don't like it that your favorite candidate, perhaps he was Ted Cruz, perhaps Bernie Sanders, was not picked, but that's the way it goes with our democratic-republican system.

My favorite candidate was not picked either. I supported Jefferson Davis for president.

So I am going to pick the lesser of two evils, based on the information I have from the mainstream media, from the free press and from the new media on the internet.

I know you don't like either candidate, but those are the two serious candidates on the ballot. Cruz's name won't be there, nor will Bernie's. And Jeff Davis is dead.

Go, be an American and vote.

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