Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday in an Ozarks (real America) town

Kids wait eagerly for the parade—and candy!

Edgar Springs, which was the nation's population center for 10 years a couple of decades back, celebrated its annual Edgar Prairie Days festival Thursday through Sunday. There were a number of activities on the first two days, but
Here in the Ozarks we appreciate the police and veterans.
on Saturday there was a parade.
Fair royalty smiles (well, some of them) to the crowd.
Children lined the route early
for they knew there would be candy thrown their way once the parade began.
Adults did a lot of visiting, running back and forth across the road to hug, shake hands and talk to people they hadn't seen in awhile.
You see, for Edgar Prairie Days, people who grew up in Edgar Springs and then moved away for work come home to renew friendships and get a taste and feel of America.
As you can see from these photos, the police led the parade, serving as an escort, followed by the VFW Color Guard. Here in the heart of the nation, we appreciate our veterans, the flag and the nation for which it stands and for which they served.
Then, of course, every festival has to have royalty, and the royalty rode in the back of a pick-up, smiling and waving to the folks along the way. The Little Mr. and Miss Edgar Springs Pageant was held Thursday night.
Check back in at The Ozarks Almanac for some more Edgar Prairie Days Parade pictures tomorrow.

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