Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Although I go to our regional medical center
for regular, primary care,
what that guy tells me every few months
doesn't seem very fair.

Back in December I visited,
and he said with a sigh,
“If you don't lose some weight,
you're simply going to die.”

“You're too dadgum fat,
your sugar is elevated.
“And the way you eat,
you're likely constipated.”

Well, I wasn't. Nevertheless, I gave up sugar
on January the third.
I quit candy, cookies, cake and pie.
Honest. I give you my word.

In May, I figured my main sugar number
would be way down,
but the doc looked over the report
and he gave a big frown.

“Your blood sugar level was 5.9 in December,
and now today it's up to 6.1.
You've lost a little weight,
but what else have you done?”

I told him about the sugar,
but he said that wasn't enough.
He said I should quit potatoes,
bread, pasta and other good stuff.

So I'm trying to cut starches
and hoping next time he doesn't say,
“Why don't you just give up
everything but water—and a One-A-Day?”

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