Sunday, May 8, 2016

Easy, inexpensive way to label your garden rows

The couple at the local home improvement store were talking about labeling their garden rows, and I couldn't help but overhear them.
"I wish they had something better than these little pieces of plastic," the woman said. I glanced into the cart as I walked by and saw that she was talking about a little package of plastic strips to mark her vegetable garden.
I stopped.
"I couldn't help overhearing," I said. "I have a suggestion. Instead of these little pieces of plastic, why not do what my wife does? Buy a package of shims and a permanent marker."
They were an older couple, even older than I (and that's old).
"These are hard to write on," she said, as if she did not hear me. "There isn't much room, and they're plastic, so the writing rubs off easily."
I tried again.
Those little wooden shims make good row markers.
"You won't find that with a packet of shims and a permanent marker," I said. "My wife writes in big bold letters and there's plenty of room. And the marker ink soaks into the wood fiber of the shim, so it won't wash off, not even in a heavy Ozarks rain."
She ignored me again, saying, "These things are so expensive, $3.95 for this package."
I said, "Shims are much less expensive, about $1.87 a bundle, I think. And they weather, but you can reuse them. I've got a bucket with last year's shim markers, so I won't have to buy another bundle this year."
Her husband, who had been quiet the whole time, said, "Let's get some shims."
His wife said, "Oh, I guess I'll go ahead and get these things."
She wasn't listening to me or to her husband, so I left.
"OK, have a good day," I said.
A few minutes later, when I passed by that aisle again, I saw the husband walking toward their cart with a little package of shims in his hand.

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