Thursday, April 14, 2016

Space ship battle in Germany on this date?

The Old Farmer's Almanac (the one with the yellow cover and the hole in the corner so you can hang it on a nail on the outhouse wall so you always have something to read) reports that on this date in 1541 in Nuremburg, Germany, the "sky (was) full of unknown moving objects."
That piqued my interest enough to "google" the date and place. What I got back was a list of websites about a UFO battle in the sky on April 14, 1561, not 1541. Maybe it  happened twice. I don't know. But one sensible website debunked the theory of a UFO battle, pointing out that the event was likely a "sun dog."
Also called a "parhelion," the phenomenon occurs when there is ice in the upper atmosphere that refacts sunlight. Those lights turned into spaceships in people's minds.
It's more fun to think that there was a Star Wars battle, but, sorry, there wasn't.

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