Saturday, April 23, 2016

First crop pulled from our 2016 spring garden

We planted our spring garden back on Saturday, Feb. 20, and only the two varieties of lettuce we sowed failed to make a crop. Everything else came up and thrived, and today we picked all the broccoli raab.

I pulled the little plants out by the roots, and Delaine cut off the roots, washed the remaing leafed stems and then blanched them. Blanching means dipping the plants into boiled, salted water for about a minute and then putting the plants on ice. She then bagged and froze them, saving out some for Sunday dinner.

There's other stuff just about ready for picking, and the pea plants look great. I need to get up a tresslis between the rows. The potatoes in the bags are doing well. The spinach in the pots looks great.

So far, so good with our 2016 garden. It's early, though.

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