Friday, April 1, 2016

It is National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, a special month for poets and poetry readers. I consider myself both a poet and a poetry-lover. Here is a poem I just wrote and I love it:


Our economy is bad, jobs are scarce. We don't know what to do,
so we turn to China and beg to borrow another billion or two.

The commies are glad to "lend" it to us, asking only one small favor:
All we must do is import their goods made by children and other slave labor.

So our stores are filled with cheap Chinese crap made over in the Far East,
and our nation continues to descend from being the best to one of the least.

I'll tell yuh. I fear there will come a day (and I ain't lyin') yuh
might have to start standing to honor the national anthem of China.

OK, maybe it isn't the best poem you've ever read or written, so let's see what you've got in honor of National Poetry Month.

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