Sunday, March 27, 2016

Getting ahead of the weather

As soon as we got back from Christmas/New Year's vacation in Texas, I was ready to start gardening.

We had such good luck with our garden last year--after a hiatus of more than a decade
--that I wanted to get seeds in the ground quickly. A mild Missouri winter with very little snowfall added to the gardening fever.

Seed catalogs arriving almost daily in the mail exacerbated my condition in early January.

In early February, I went out and did what I should have done in the fall: cleared out the dead  plants from last year's garden. Our garden is five raised beds made of cement blocks and garden soil. The winter has been so mild the soil was not frozen, so I raked the top clear.

By the middle of the month, neither I nor my wife could wait, so on Saturday, Feb. 20, we filled all five beds with seeds for our first crop of the season. We put in bunching onions, turnip and mustard greens, lettuce, broccoli raab, several varieties of chard, rugula, kale and multiple peas,

We've had several nights of cold weather, but that hasn't stopped anything except for some lettuce from germinating.

We are hoping that as the ground warms, the lettuce will germinate. If that doesn't happen this coming week, we'll replant those areas next Saturday.

The weather forecast for tonight includes a frost warning, so we'll probably be forced to replant next Saturday. I just hope the frost doesn't require every row to be reseeded.

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