Sunday, July 28, 2013

Let's keep Missouri free, unlike New Jersey

New Jersey is a fascist state and you would do well to stay away from it if you are a gun owner.
I say this because The Associated Press reported late last month that a Texas man who had stopped to take a nap while traveling through that despicable state was arrested for carrying guns through the state in his SUV. Because of that, he’s serving a five-year sentence and won’t get out before serving a minimum of three years.
A New Jersey appeals court upheld his conviction in May.
I heard about the case of Dustin Reininger from a friend who subscribes to Shotgun News and regularly reads The Knox Update column in that magazine. Writer Jeff Knox described what happened to Reininger, and I hunted up a later report from The AP to verify it.
Here’s what happened. Reininger was moving in March 2009 from Maine to Texas and had his 21-gun collection in his SUV. He also had hollow-point bullets and a high-capacity magazine. He legally owned the firearms and the ammunition. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He made the mistake of going through the most worthless Yankee state of all the Yankee states. He made the even worse mistake of stopping there to take a nap in his vehicle. He also made the mistake of denying he was carrying guns – who wouldn’t, given the circumstances – but the cops spotted a gun case and conducted a warrantless search and discovered the collection of guns he was taking back to Texas.
If you drive through New Jersey, maybe you should put your gun in a banjo case because the very presence of a gun case gives the cops the authority for a warrantless search.
Reininger was supposed to store his guns in the trunk. Unfortunately for him, an SUV doesn’t have a trunk.
So there he is, in prison, a convicted felon now for the rest of his life because he traveled  through one of the 13 original colonies, which is now a state where the majority of residents obviously prefer fascism, for they’re the ones who elected and re-elected the lawmakers who passed the anti-Second Amendment laws. They uphold the centralized authority of the state and eliminate individual liberties, which is one of the definitions of fascism.
Let’s try to fight off the anti-liberty attitude here in Missouri for as long as we can.

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