Monday, December 31, 2012

McCaskill uses school massacre to raise money

Sen. Claire McCaskill, who portrayed herself as a moderate in the campaign running up to the November election, is showing herself as being only moderately (if that) in favor of the Constitution.
She is using the massacre of children in Connecticut to pick a fight with the National Rifle Association over gun rights, guaranteed in the Second Amendment, so she can ask her liberal Democrat friends to help her pay down her campaign debt. It's here: Claire McCaskill Highlights Fight With NRA in New Fundraising Pitch.
Here's an excerpt from the report:
In her Saturday pitch to her email list, McCaskill argues that “I've always been willing to take on the big guys when it's the right thing to do -- like my recent call on the NRA to come to the table to help prevent further gun violence or my fight to end taxpayer-funded subsidies for Big Oil.”
McCaskill’s willingness to aggressively attack the NRA is particularly noteworthy given the fact that Democrats from the South and Midwest have long been loathe to cross swords with the powerful gun lobby.
Let me explain why the gun lobby is "powerful." Listen carefully: It is supported by people like me (and, I hope, you) all across the country who send in their money for membership.That's where it's power comes from: Americans who believe in the Constitution.

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