Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sarah Steelman should replace Akin as candidate

Driving from my day job in St. Robert to my evening/night job in Rolla, I flipped on the radio and listened to the Sean Hannity radio show. He was talking about Todd Akin, the man other Republican voters in Missouri picked to be the nominee for U.S. senator. Akin has said something stupid that makes him questionable as a candidate, but he refused to withdraw from the race by a deadline at 5 p.m. Tuesday, so his name will be on the ballot.
Columnist/talking head Ann Coulter was Hannity's guest on the show, and I heard her say that now that Akin has refused to drop out she can "officially hate him." She also said Missouri Republicans should immediately begin a write-in campaign, focusing on a candidate with statewide recognition, experience and respect. She suggested former governor and U.S. senator Christopher "Kit" Bond.
"What?" I said aloud to the radio. "Why not the obvious choice? Sarah Steelman?" Of course, Ann Coulter did not answer.
She must not have been thinking clearly. Sarah Steelman, whom I voted for as any right-thinking Missouri Republican should have, is the obvious choice. She has statewide name recognition, experience and respect. Plus the Republicans need to put up a woman against Claire McCaskill.
Sarah Steelman is the obvious and perfect choice for a write-in candidate to replace Akin, who has been disavowed and shunned by the Republican leadership.

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