Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stocking up for the snow

Yesterday my wife went to the day-old bread store to pick up some of our favorite whole wheat bread. I waited in the car with the poodles; when she came back out she said she didn't get what we wanted but got rye and pumpernickel instead. They were out of the whole wheat.
"The store was almost cleared out," she said, getting back into the car.
"Are they going out of business?" I asked, because the store sells Hostess and its affiliated brands, and I had heard on the news that company was bankrupt or nearly so.
"That's what I asked the lady," my wife said. "She laughed and said no, it was because of the snow."
"The snow?" I said. "You mean that two and half inch dusting we got Monday that started melting Tuesday and was gone Wednesday?"
My wife laughed and said, "That's the one. The lady inside said people came in Monday and cleared the place out. It will take a couple of weeks to get it built back up."
"Well, good grief," I said. "I didn't even think to 'stock up' for the snow. The forecast said it wasn't going to be but about 3 inches at most and the temperatures were going to take it away the next couple of days."
"I guess stores all over town were cleared out and we didn't even know it," my wife said.
"They must have sold out bread everywhere. And eggs, milk, sugar."
"And coffee," my wife added.
"Well, for cryin' out loud," I said. "I guess people around here don't know about the weather forecasts. Or they haven't lived around here long enough to have a feel for the weather."
After thinking about, though, I've concluded that stocking up for a big snowstorm is an Ozarks ritual. We've had no truly severe weather this winter, which is nearing an end, so people just latched on to whatever they could so they could feel like they'd been through a rough winter.
It just happened to be a 2.5 inch dusting.

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