Monday, December 5, 2011

Senate GOP candidates answer questions

The Springfield News-Leader asked the three GOP candidates for U.S. Senate some questions about the state of the national economy. Here's where you can read their responses: Q&A: Senate GOP candidates discuss economy.

The candidates are Todd Akin, John Brunner and Sarah Steelman (of Rolla). Here's one question and their responses:

Q: Would you support extending the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits for laid-off workers, something Congress is currently debating?

Akin: "I'm opposed to that. Usually I love any kind of tax cut, but I'm opposed to (the payroll break) because you're taking money out of Social Security...(On unemployment benefits), I think there's a certain point where people have to have an incentive to try and find a job, and when those benefits expire, there's a whole lot more pressure to really find something."

Brunner: "I've gone back and forth. You're in this big hole. People are hurting, you don't want to lay any more pressure on top of people... (But) without having an understanding of what the end-game strategy is, I look at this as a knee-jerk strategy that kicks the can down the road."

Steelman: "I would support just the payroll tax cut... I don't think we should extend unemployment benefits."

Please be sure to click on the link to the News-Leader and read the whole report.


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