Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crops rot in fields; no one there to pick them

Food is rotting in the fields, because we don't have enough illegal immigrants to pick it.
That's the news according to this link: Studies, surveys confirm Georgia's farm labor losses. An excerpt:
Another survey conducted this past summer by the Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC) revealed that 46 percent of those responding were, at the time, experiencing a labor shortage. More than 130 employers from 61 counties across the state participated in the survey, representing different sectors of the agricultural industry, including crop, livestock, greenhouse, landscape and many ag input suppliers.

Of those who had jobs needing to be filled, 24 percent said that fewer workers were applying for the available jobs than in past years, 8.7 percent said that local law enforcement has increased enforcement action towards immigrants, 30.4 percent said the physical demand of the jobs were too difficult for those who seem interested, and 37 percent said that immigrants were concerned with Georgia’s new immigration reform law.

I really hate to see good food go to waste, don't you? What are we going to do about this?

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