Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Buy products made in Missouri to help our economy

Here's a fantastic website about the Missouri economy and a simple way you can do something about it: The We Blueprint.

The first page of the website is frightening. Take a look at the loss of jobs Missouri has experienced in the New Millenium.

You may think you are powerless, but according to, you can help simply by buying more Missouri-made products. The website helps you by listing products that are manufactured in the Show Me State. These products are broken down thus: food, beverages, home and garden, shoes and clothing, pet supplies, automobiles and supplies.

Here's what the website manager says:

We can all agree the U.S. has lost enough jobs. We can't expect the government to do all the work. Millions of jobs depend on us. We are the ones that have the power to keep our jobs in the U.S. and to bring back our jobs to the U.S.
We are 70% of the driving force of the economy. We are going to have to buy back our jobs! We can start by buying products made in our state. We all have a personal stake in this issue, our jobs!

We can make the much needed changes with respect and integrity. With no protesting, no yelling and screaming. We can do it with just the sound of our money being spent on American products. We are the AMERICAN CONSUMER.

A couple of Phelps County companies are listed on the website: Tacony Manufacturing of St. James and Royal Canin of Rolla. Tacony makes vacuum cleaners and Royal Canin makes dog food.

What other Missouri manufacturers can you think of?

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