Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why Herman Cain will never be elected

Some of my co-workers at my day job like to talk politics during lunch in the break room. A couple of them have lately become enamored with the candidacy of Herman Cain. One told me that if the Republicans would nominate Mr. Cain, he would undoubtedly win. I laughed out loud at that notion.

"Herman Cain is not black enough," I said. "Look at his life. He is an achiever and has accomplished much through hard work. He studied hard in school. He remained focused. He worked hard in business and was selected for management. He eventually worked his way to the top. That will not set well with young black voters and the media, both of whom consider that lifestyle "white." No, sir, Herman Cain is too white to ever be elected in this country."

My co-workers called me a racist, in a joking way, of course. But they insisted I was wrong.
Now here is proof that I, of course, was right. A white man on TV had to school Mr. Cain about what it means to be black. Black men are not supposed to do what Mr. Cain did, i.e. go to school, study hard, make good grades, get good jobs, become business and community leaders. The white man said so. Just listen to the link. » Lily-White Lawrence O’Donnell Lectures Herman Cain On How Black Men Are Supposed To Behave

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