Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fact or fiction: Slugs are our friends because they eat mold

By David Burton
University Extension

While there is a great body of observation that indicates slugs and snails, eat mold, the essential truth is that it only looks this way because their favorite foods may have mold on them.

“In the home, if someone is concerned about slugs, the bigger issue is that mold and slugs favor moist and cool environments,” said Jeff Barber, housing and environmental design specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

The best way to reduce the mold according to Barber is not to save the slugs, but fix moisture leaks, reduce humidity and/or ventilate areas to avoid condensation.

It is also a good idea to remove food sources for mold like leather, wood, paper, fabric and soap scum from surfaces that might tend to condensate, like basement walls and floors.

“So yes, slugs might eat mold, but we do not want to provide an environment that supports either in our homes,” said Barber.

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