Monday, June 20, 2011

A couple of requests for Obama

My wife went to Texas last week to attend her 40-year class reunion and see her family. She had a wonderful visit, but was troubled by the lack of rain.

Here in Rolla, we've been flooded this spring. We've received so much rain that the gardens are slow in producing and the farmers markets don't have the produce we'd expect this time of year. The gardeners were late in planting the seeds, and the rain and overcast skies have slowed the growth of the plants. We'll have beans and tomatoes and cucumbers eventually, though. In Texas, their gardens are dried up and withered.

Houston Chronicle: Amid drought, only frustration flows

I got to thinking that there is a solution. Prayer. Gov. Rick Perry already has called on the residents of state to pray, just as the governor of Georgia did when that state experienced prolonged drought. Southern governors seem to turn to God quicker than northern governors.

Maybe what they need to do is petition someone other than God. Maybe they need to ask President Barack Hussein Obama. He is keen on redistribution. He wants to redistribute the wealth from rich corporations and rich individuals to people like me; I support that idea and I encourage you rich people to go right ahead and start sending me some regular checks. I work two jobs, but I'd like to have regular checks from rich people and corporations, too.

Obama needs to redistribute the rain. Missouri has received so much rain that the rivers are flooding. Texas has rivers that have dried up to a trickle. Obama can make the difference. He's a miracle worker, for he killed Osama bin Laden, a terrorist who avoided President George W. Bush and his CIA. I think he can work a miracle with the weather.

So, President Obama, if you are reading this (and I assume you are, for you know everything), I am petitioning you to slow down the rain in Missouri (but don't cut it off completely, our gardens will continue to need significant rainfall every week to 10 days) and send some rain to Texas.

Then after that, bring the soldiers home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Now that you've killed Osama, there's no need for them there, so you can fly the troops home as you promised in your word given during the campaign.

Also, will you make my mortgage payment every month and pay for my gas like you're apparently doing for this woman:

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