Saturday, April 16, 2011

Join the 10,000 Garden Challenge

In Springfield a few years ago, there was something called the 1,000 Garden Challenge. The state leaders liked the idea of growing your own food so much that they started the 10,000 Garden Challenge. How about you? Have you thought about starting a garden this spring? Many of you probably already have some lettuce, onions and potatoes in the ground. Be careful about putting too much tender stuff out, though, for the last frost date here is May 10. From, here are some excerpts about the 10,000 Garden Challenge: Ozarks-Inspired Garden Challenge Grows Statewide
A statewide movement that began with an idea in Springfield is now growing -- in more ways than one. Boyd Elementary kindergarteners spent the morning digging in the dirt at the Midtown School Garden. They showed off their gardening skills to state agriculture director Dr. Jon Hagler. He came to town to talk about the 10,000 Garden Challenge, a statewide effort to get people to plant more gardens. In exchange, the students could win $500 gift certificates. The Garden Challenge idea began in Springfield a few years ago, with locals who wanted to start 1,000 gardens. The state liked the idea, and decided to expand it. Now there's a new category for community gardens. Dr. Hagler says getting people involved in backyard agriculture is good for more than just reducing grocery bills. "You'll be reconnecting families, you'll be reconnecting communities, you'll be reconnecting them in a common purpose," he says. "That is understanding the importance and the goodness that comes in growing your own food."
10,000 Garden Challenge AgriMissouri

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