Monday, April 25, 2011

Former enemies, now friends

Here's an interesting video from YouTube, showing veterans of the Civil War shaking hands with one another.

Did you see the former enemies shaking hands?
We fought the Germans a couple of times; now they're our allies.
We were attacked by the Japs and fought back, dropping two A-bombs on them; now were' sending aid to them.
We sent a lot of young men and women to do in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos; now we trade with them.
We had a Cold War with the Soviets and the Chinese. Now we're friendly with Russia, and the Chinese lend us billions and manufacture most of what we buy and sell.

Why aren't we friendly with Cuba?
And do you think we'll be true to form and eventually be buddies and trading partners with al-Qeada and other Muslim extremists?

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