Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ozarks taxpayers have a beef with their city

Brent and Cheryl Garzelli are homeowners and taxpayers in Waynesville who are having some difficulty with municipal authorities. It boils down to this: The Garzellis paid to have a sewer line put in; the city drove a truck over the lot with the new sewer line and broke it. Now the city refuses to repair the problem because the line is on the Garzellis' property--even though the city truck is what caused the damage.

Here, in Brent's words, is more detail:

We have spent hundreds of dollars to have our sewer cleaned out, to no
We paid David Hartley $350 for the materials to put in a new
sewer between our house and his. I was there and it was laid
Two weeks later, the city sent in a heavy truck with a "cherry picker" and
cut down two trees in our yard. They ran right over the water and freshly
dug dirt for the new sewer line. They broke the water line and had
to dig it up and fix it.
Since that day over a year ago, we have had constant problems
with backed up sewage. It has gotten so bad that it is now running
all over the ground at a "clean-out" for the sewer. I have
included a few photos, since a "picture paints a thousand
Our next door neighbor won't allow her twin girls at the back of the house
where the sewage runs freely and the smell of sewage gas has over come any
fragrance we use in our house. This is not just an inconvenience-it
is a dangerous situation!
I have reported the sewer to the City of
Waynesville on numerous occasions. They have come and cleaned out the
sewer, but are claiming it is my sewer that is the problem. They made
no permanent repairs and the City Manager didn't even return my call.
In frustration, I called Natural Resources of the State of
Missouri. I got the "runaround" from their person in Rolla,
Poplar Bluff, and finally got some action when I called their main
office in Jefferson City.

The Natural Resources fellow from Rolla
called the City of Waynesville and four trucks were at my house cleaning
out the sewer the night before Natural Resources appeared the following
day. Of course, he found not problem with his camera in my sewer.
What a surprise. I was never provided with a copy of his report on
this so-called investigation.
Months before being the
victim of "corporate restructuring" at Lowe's, I had committed to having
Timz Plumbing refurbish my bathroom. Before Tim Williams started work
on the bathroom, he called the City and they cleaned out my sewer so he
could begin his plumbing on our sink, bathtub, and toilet. It
has gotten much worse over the past two weeks and the toilet barely
flushes. It takes 30 minutes to drain the bathtub and the smell is
This day, I have called Natural Resources to file
a grievance. They have done nothing to protect the environment. Raw
sewage is all over the ground a hundred yards from Bradford Creek that
runs right into the Roubidoux River. Sewage gas is a health hazard to
my family and the family next door with three children. I got the distinct
impression from Linda (she refused to give me her last name) at Natural
Resources that I was wasting her time. Each month, we pay our state and
local taxes for a sewer that has not functioned properly in years.
And these people wonder why the "Tea Party" evolved.

It seems like government is non-responsive, no matter what level it is.

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