Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good food, good music at Pancake Day

We went to Kiwanis Pancake Day this morning and had a tremendous time. Delaine and I each got three pancakes and two sausage patties. Well, I got some extra sausage patties, for I am a fan of the swine.
Delaine ate her three pancakes and saved the sausage patties to bring home to her "babies."

I ate my pancakes and four sausage patties. Then some kids came around with more sausage, and I got that. Then some more came around with pancakes and I got some more of that. Then came another round of sausage. I finally called it quits out of embarrassment.

We enjoyed watching and listening to Beverly's Hillbillies play bluegrass. Now, the Kiwanis Club announced it would be Jimmie Allison and Friends, and that's what I put in the paper. Jimmie was there, all right, but it was really Beverly Spencer's band, of which Jimmie is a part.

A highlight of that performance was when some old boy who I don't know jumped up and commenced to jig-dancing. It was good to see that the Baptists and the high-falutin' folks who have been here a long time and the highbrow transplants who are moving in have not killed at least one Ozarker's spirit. Some children then joined in and danced, too.

What a great morning it was.

Yes, it is sideways. I can see it as well as you can. I held the camera sideways to get the full frame and now I don't know how to rotate it. If you're so smart, tell me what to do. Otherwise, don't criticize. Thanks.

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