Saturday, January 8, 2011

Old-school calendar raises money for association

Here's an idea your county or community might think about for 2012: a local historical calendar.

A 12-month color wall calendar for 2011, featuring photos of one-room schools in Greene County, was printed in Greene County with all proceeds from the limited-edition calendar benefitting the Ozarks Country School Association.

The following one-room schools in Greene County are featured on the 2011 calendar: Locust Prairie, Rountree, Kelly Chapel, Northstar, Lindsey, Liberty, Willey, Flint Hill, the 1905 One-Room School at MSU, Flatrock, Coleman and St. Elmo.

The Ozarks Country School Association is a community development program of MU Extension that partners with other historical groups in the region.

The mission of the OCSA is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the one-room school experience in the Ozarks. The goal of the organization is to work with groups as well as interested individuals and building owners to raise funds and awareness to maintain the historic one-room school buildings in the Ozarks and develop them as rural community centers.

Would this work for your county? How about photos of old churches? Or something else you might think of.

For more information about OCSA or becoming a member, contact David Burton at (417) 881-8909, via e-mail at or online at

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