Monday, January 31, 2011

Is severe weather on the way?

The weather forecasters say we've got a bad winter storm coming, and people have been emptying the grocery store shelves to get ready for it.

They've also bought up every generator and kerosene heater.

I've heard reports that the ice is going to be like 2007 and the snow is going to be like the blizzards of the 1880s. I heard another report that says we haven't had weather like this since 1912.

My poor wife is "horrified" (her word, used in a phone conversation with her sister in Austin) and wants to move back to Texas tomorrow.

She's watching the weather channel (been watching it all day) and told me just now that the governor has declared a state of emergency for all of Missouri. Nothing has happened yet!
The Old Farmer's Almanac says Feb. 1-5 will be a period of rain, then sunny and mild.

I'm just takng a wait and see attitude.

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