Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good gravy

The gravy for chicken-fried steak is supposed to be made from the meat drippings plus flour (if you don't mind lumping) or cornstarch (if you don't like lumping) plus milk, some garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Unfortunately, hardly any Missouri restaurants nowadays bread their own steak. Instead, they buy frozen, pre-breaded steaks which they throw into the deep fryer. There are no drippings to use, so they have to find another source for gravy. I don't know for sure if it comes from a can or if it's from an envelope with water added. Missouri restaurateurs have become too lazy to make authentic chicken-fried steak. I rarely order chicken-fried steak in any Missouri restaurant; I hate to have to say that. The only one I've found that serves hand-breaded steak is Cookin' From Scratch at the I-44 Doolittle exit, and even then it's only on Thursday. The rest of the week they serve the pre-breaded deep fried version. I'm not sure you get authentic gravy any day.

My wife's solution for authentic chicken-fried steak is to go to the store and buy eight big pieces of cube steak. She uses four eggs plus a little milk to make the egg wash. She makes the coating with flour plus a half-cup of Bisquick (she has gone modern on me) and little bit of baking powder.As she puts each piece of meat from the egg wash into the mix, she salts and peppers the meat to taste.

It is delicious, and makes a great Sunday dinner. I ate a couple of those steaks plus mashed potatoes and some cooked carrots, with sweet tea today, then sat in my recliner, stuffed, while watching Green Bay beat Chicago.

Now it is several hours later and I'm watching the Steelers give the Jets a pounding. I'm hungry again.

Mighty fine day.

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