Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Latest weather update

It's a balmy 13.1 degrees on the front porch this morning, up from 1.7 degree yesterday. Delaine said just before sunrise it dropped to -0.3. The highest temperature she noticed yesterday was 17.0.

That means, of course,we still have on the ground the snow and ice we awoke to find Sunday morning. I just about slipped and fell last night on a sheet of ice in the Kroger parking lot.

Church was called off Sunday. I found out after I drove out there, discovered an empty parking lot, came home, checked my e-mail and found a notice that services for the day had been called off. I should have checked the mail first. I e-mailed my deacon back with my phone number, so this won't happen again.

It's supposed to get up to 27 degrees degree. I see the weather forecaster is calling for ice pellets Wednesday, but it's supposed to be partly cloudy and highs in the mid-30s on Friday and Saturday.

The Old Farmer's Almanac says Dec. 10-15 is supposed to be sunny and mild while Dec. 16-21 is supposed to be rain turning to snow, then sunny and cold. For Christmas, Dec. 22-16, the Old Farmer predicts sunny, then rain and mild. The year will end with sunny weather turning colder. This is according to the almanac with the yellow cover and the hole in the corner so you can hang it on a nail in the outhouse and read during those balmy winter days. The Montgomery Ward catalog on the floor is for another purpose.

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