Saturday, November 20, 2010

Small businesses need you as a customer

American Express, which is a humongous business, is supporting a concept called Small Business Saturday.

Here in Rolla and in small towns across the Ozarks, people with a little bit of money like to go to St. Louis or Kansas City or Springfield or Columbia/Jefferson City to shop, especially around Christmas. That leaves our hometown businesses out in the cold.

But who do you think people turn to first when they want a donation of money or merchandise for their raffle, door prizes, big giveaways, etc.?

If you're a small-town Missourian, support your hometown small businesses. One way to start is to participate in Small Business Saturday.

I'm always bitterly amused at transplants to Southern Missouri who come here looking for Mayberry. They leave California, New York, etc., looking for Small Town America where land and houses are cheap, people are friendly and towns are safe. Then they complain that the town doesn't have "serious shopping" opportunities, and they take their money off to one of the cities.

Then these stupid transplants can't figure out why some small businesses must close and there are empty buildings downtown.

Missouri natives can be just as stupid, so I ought not single out the transplants.

If you want your community to be successful, you have to support it. That includes spending your money locally.

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