Monday, October 11, 2010

Tommy tugs at the heart

Here's another good ad from Tommy Sowers. It says very little, but it carries a lot of emotional impact, and that's all that really matters in an election. Voters don't use their heads when they vote, they use their feelings.

I think voters will feel like voting for Tommy when they see this one because in the ad he's clearly a country boy, who has access to a lot of manure to put in his pick-up truck. Everybody loves a farm boy who works so hard that his truck is usually dirty.

The pictures of Jo Ann Emerson that he uses in this ad are unflattering and make her look like a hag. No one wants a hag in Washington.

And firing off a round at the end of the ad will also stir the emotions of gun lovers throughout the Eighth District.

I still think he has a good chance of winning, although I'm not so confident about him as I was when I made an earlier prediction that he would win. I'm not going to rescind that prediction YET, for I think the electorate is in an anti-incumbent mood, not just an anti-Democrat mood.

The series of four debates will make a difference. WHAT he says doesn't matter. What matters is HOW he says it, how he LOOKS and SOUNDS while saying it, compared to how Mrs. Emerson looks and sounds. The first debate will be held at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau tonight.

I wonder if he'll park his truckload of manure in front of the lecture hall?

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