Saturday, October 9, 2010

I want a camel ...

... instead of a goat, now that I've seen camels up close in the Celebration of Nations parade and festival.

That big celebration of our diversity and multi-cultural community was held today. Thanks to Missouri S & T for the event.

What I really liked most about the day were the camels.

I've wanted a goat or two in my backyard for several years, but my wife won't let me get one, so two is out of the question.

The city probably won't let me have a camel--unless I can convince the authorities that my camel is a large dog.

I like the looks of camels. They are quite haughty looking. Very condescending, don't you agree.

Here are two of them in a parade being led by handlers.

Do they have camel races in the Middle East, as we have horse races here? It looks like riding them, especially at a fast pace, would be uncomfortable for a jockey.

I recall reading that back in the 19th Century, someone tried to bring camels to the Southwest U.S. to use as pack animals and cavalry mounts. It didn't work out. Probably because riding them was uncomfortable.

Here's another one in the parade:

Very haughty, indeed, don't you think?

Here they are resting after the parade:

And, here is my lovely wife petting one of the camels:

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