Sunday, September 26, 2010

Are there too many Southern Baptists in the world?

There are 16.3 million Southern Baptists in the world today, and many of them will be worshipping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this morning in congregational gatherings around the globe.

Some will gather in palatial temples like that huge building I drove by in Springfield in July; I think it said Second Baptist on the sign. If Second Baptist has a building like that, I wonder what First Baptist has?

Some will gather in poorer conditions; I have a friend who is a former missionary who told me recently that one congregation meets regularly in Africa under a tree; the worshippers walk for hours to get to the tree because they love praise Jesus and learn about Him.

I'll be in a comfortable little country church house, Macedonia Baptist, just a few miles north of Rolla.

Do you think there are too many Southern Baptists in today's world? Some people think so. Even some evangelicals think there are too many Southern Baptists. I was reading on an evangelical forum recently where a fellow said the Southern Baptist Convention is a cult, because we tend to be conservative in our theology. We believe in what progressives, postmodernists and "enlightened" evangelicals consider foolishness, such creation, the miracles of Jesus, the inspiration of scripture and atonement through the blood sacrifice of Jesus the Messiah.

We conservatives believe Jesus offers the only way to eternal life. The progressives, etc. call Southern Baptists "exclusionists" or "exclusivists." That's why they say Southern Baptists are a cult, perhaps even a dangerous cult.

Well, there's no need to worry about us, for although there are more than 16 million Southern Baptists, the biggest part of them are BINOs, Baptists In Name Only. They don't go to church regularly, don't read the Bible, don't really know what they believe. The chances of a Southern Baptist brainwashing your child is microscopic.

So breathe easy.

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