Saturday, August 14, 2010

Let them build the mosque in New York City

I don't know why progressive Christians have to try to make people who oppose the Manhattan Muslim Mosque appear to be unforgiving and unchristian. I'm a conservative, and I just don't trust the Muslim leaders who want to build this as a monument to their great victory on Sept. 11, 2001, and a memorial to the Muslims in the planes and on the ground who lost their lives. My distrust seems like commonsense to me, not unforgiveness or lack of a Christ-like spirit. Besides, do you think King Jesus is going to approve of a Muslim mosque in his Millennial Kingdom?

NEVERTHELESS, I think the Muslim leaders who I distrust should be able to go ahead and build the mosque for these reasons:

1. The First Amendment.

2. The city government finds no zoning problems. Presumably, the construction plans meet with city codes.

3. The residents of New York have not en masse protested. In fact, it seems most of them favor the mosque.

4. Many, perhaps most, of the survivors and relatives of the victims of the World Trade Center destruction either support the construction of the mosque or have no opinion. Few seem to oppose it, or oppose it enough to speak loudly.

5. I'm afraid of the slippery slope you progressives laugh at; nevertheless, I maintain that if we deny this religion a Constitutional right, the precedent will be set to deny conservative Christians our rights to evangelize.

So let them build the mosque as memorial and monument. They have the right.

Do you think the Muslims, the city, the liberals, mainline Christians, post-modernists and post-evangelicals and progressives will support conservative Christians' right to stand on public property in front of the mosque and hand out gospel tracts and preach Jesus, crucified and resurrected?

Now, let me add that I live in Southern Missouri, and if in the future, after the Manhattan mosque is built, Silver Dollar City or the Arch or the Missouri Capitol is bombed and the planning is traced back to the Manhattan mosque, I'll really be pissed.

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