Monday, July 12, 2010

Waiting on the watermelon to chill

The Ozarks Boy and the Dixie Boy agree that nothing tastes quite as nice when it's hotter than a firecracker than a healthy slice of watermelon. Dixie Boy apparently likes to eat his right there in the melon patch, while Ozarks Boy prefers his chilled.

In fact, I just cleared out the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and moved a shelf up to make room for the Black Diamond watermelon we bought Saturday at the farmers market over at the Phelps County Fairgrounds.

The watermelons they're selling in the grocery stores nowadays are grown with the modern persnickety housewife in mind, i.e., they're small, so they don't take up much fridge space.

You've got to go to the farmer's market to find a watermelon of any size. You've also got to go to the farmer's market to find a watermelon with seeds. Today's modern women and their metrosexual husbands prefer seedless watermelons that are convenient but not as flavorful.

The old boy who sold us the melon tried to tell me it was 50-pounder. It was heavy but not that heavy. I put it on the bathroom scales when I got home and it weighed 35 pounds.

It was so big that I couldn't fit it into the refrigerator Saturday. I had to wait until we cleared another watermelon, one of those prissy little supermarket watermelons, plus a couple of cantaloupes.

Watermelon is one of God's finest gifts, botanically speaking. I have been in love with watermelon my whole life. I don't remember my first watermelon. I remember eating lots of watermelon when I was a kid. Back in those hillbilly days, we always ate our slice outside, spitting the seeds and then often saving the rind so my mother and grandmother could make watermelon pickles, which I also loved.

Dixie Boy has a big smile on his face in that picture. Ozarks Boy has a big smile on his face thinking about eating a big slice.

Yes, I'm really looking forward to eating this Black Diamond melon and spitting out the seeds.

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