Monday, July 12, 2010

Storm hits our section of the Ozarks

Sunday afternoon a big storm blew through our section of the Ozarks.

Now, as I am no longer a newspaperman, you're not going to find a comprehensive report on the storm damage here. Back in the days when I was an editor/reporter/photographer/typesetter for the Willard Reporter, the Aurora Advertiser and the Rolla Daily News, I would have driven all over the town, sometimes all over the county, taking pictures and talking to people about their storm damage. I would have put together a big photo spread of two or more pages and just bored everybody to death with talk about the weather, which is one of my favorite subjects. I'm not going to do that here; I'll leave that up to the Rolla Daily News and other real newspapermen. I'm sure if you log onto the RDN website you'll find a lot of pictures, but here are mine.

Actually most of these were taken by Delaine, my wife, who was scared by the weather.
She grew up in Houston, Texas, and has lived through a few hurricanes, but tornadoes scare her to death. She says it's because hurricanes give you ample warning of usually several days (I guess Katrina must have been an exception, because it seemed to have taken the people of New Orleans by surprise). Tornadoes, on the other hand, can form right above you or right next to you and grab you, she says.
Well, when the sirens started howling Sunday afternoon, she hightailed it to the bathroom under the stairs with the "babies," which are our two dogs and our two cats. One cat refused to go into the dark bathroom (our power was cut shortly after the wind picked up). They sat in there with a flashlight while I wandered around the house, looking out the windows and talking on the phone with my mother up in Moniteau County, who was watching the weather reports and telling me what to expect.

Delaine and the babies came out of hiding when the wind died down, and we sat in the darkened house for a while. Around 5 p.m. we decided to drive around a little before getting to church at 6 p.m. for Bible study and worship.

"Let's go over to Snob Knob and take a look to see if there was any damage to the rich people's houses," I suggested. There wasn't a great deal of damage anywhere, just a mess of leaf litter on the streets:

There were also some split trees.

We went on to church and afterwards, as we headed home, we stopped and got this photo next to Mobil on the Run down the knoll next to the underpass for students walking from TJ Hall to campus.

We stopped and got some tacos and then parked in the Walgreen's parking lot to eat supper. We are a thoroughly exciting couple. For fun, we like to watch traffic or the time and temperature change on the bank clock. We saw this rainbow, or piece of a rainbow

We got an inch and a half of rain in the storm.

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