Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prediction: Tommy Sowers will win the election in Missouri's Eighth District

Back in January, I predicted Tommy Sowers would win the support of Rolla in the race for Eighth District U.S. representative in November.

I'll go even further out on the limb and predict he'll win in November. Sure, he's a Democrat, and we're hearing this is going to be a year when Democrats will lose as voters show they don't support the Obama administration. I think the truth is voters are sick of Washington, and they're going to find excuses to vote against incumbents, even Republican incumbents like Rep. Jo Ann Emerson.

Sowers is a canny campaigner, who appeals to the sensitivities in Southeast Missouri. He's an Army veteran, and that fact alone is going to win him a whole lot of votes. He's young and handsome; that's good for a few more votes. He has been campaigning amongst the folks by traveling throughout the district, working at a different, primarily blue-collar, job every day. That's good for some votes.

And his first ads are splendid. Take a look at this ad called "Combat Bible."

That is golden. That was put together by an advertising genius. It appeals to our rural Missouri respect and honor for faith, God and country. Moreover, did you notice the hay bales and the pickup truck? He didn't say he has a farm or ranch background, but it makes you feel like he does, doesn't it? And in Southeast and South Central Missouri, that's good for a few more votes.

He's also doing radio ads well. I heard one on a Rolla radio station day before yesterday that had me laughing out loud. It's funny, yet it's also ingenious. Well, read how the St. Louis Beacon website describes it.

The radio ad features an announcer with a country twang describing Sowers as "a man of faith who likes getting up early, driving his truck with his dog, and a feel of a shotgun in his hand." Sowers then blasts Emerson for her support of "bad trade deals and bank bailouts" that he says has cost American jobs.

The ad does NOT mention that Sowers is a Democrat or that Emerson is a Republican.

Campaigns are not about sharing views on issues; they're about building an image. Sowers and his ad men are building an image of a God-fearing, Bible-reading, pick-up truck driving, dog-loving, gun-loving man of the people who gets out and works on farms, in restaurants and anywhere else we, the people, make our livings. It doesn't matter whether any of that is the truth; it matters what emotions are tapped amongst the voters.

No Missouri news organization is going to check to see if this image is accurate, because it doesn't matter, so I predict that's going to put him in the limelight and into the seat of the Missouri Eighth District representative to the U.S. Congress.

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