Saturday, June 5, 2010

Out in the Yard--Part IV

By R.D. Hohenfeldt
Managing Editor

We've got four kinds of roses in the yard; three of them are pictured here.

Shown at right on the top is one of our two Pink Knockout Rose bushes in our backyard.

Next down in the photos is the Pink F.J. Grootendorst, a double flowered cultivar of the Rosa Rugosa. The Grootendorst is in the front yard, one end of a flower bed that needs a lot of work done to it.

On the other end of that flower bed is an heirloom rose, the Rosa Rugosa Pink. See how different they look? Yet, the Grootendorst, some years ago was cultivated out of a Rosa Rugosa. I don't understand how that works, and don't need to.

All I need to know, and thus all I can tell you, is that these roses are doggone easy to take care of. I haven't put any plant food on them for years. I water them when it gets hot. I pinch off the blooms when they die.

We also have a miniature rose in a wooden half-barrel. It is called Red Cascade. I'll post a picture of it later, because it is still on the camera.

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