Friday, June 11, 2010

Government will even go after your college grades!

I've posted here about how the government will kill you if you protest too much, the government will kill you if you want to be left alone and the government will kill you if you have an oddball religion.

Now the government will go after you--it will kill you, at least not yet--if you question it too deeply. Journalism students have for years been looking into the cases of death row inmates and have found 11 of them wrongly convicted.

According to the New York Times, Prosecutors Turn Tables on Student Journalists, and have subpoenaed the students' grades.

Lawyers in the Cook County state’s attorney’s office say that in their quest for justice in the old case, they need every pertinent piece of information about the students’ three-year investigation into Anthony McKinney, who was convicted of fatally shooting a security guard in 1978. Mr. McKinney’s conviction is being reviewed by a judge.

Among the issues the prosecutors need to understand better, a spokeswoman said, is whether students believed they would receive better grades if witnesses they interviewed provided evidence to exonerate Mr. McKinney.

Northwestern University and David Protess, the professor who leads the students and directs the Medill Innocence Project, say the demands are ridiculously overreaching, irrelevant to Mr. McKinney’s case, in violation of the state’s protections for journalists and a breach of federal privacy statutes — not to mention insulting.
The government is worried that if students investigate the investigators--a way to make them accountable to the taxpayers--and find witnesses who will testify the investigators are wrong, the students will receive higher grades.

Next: The government will investigate professional journalists to find out if they earn bonuses when they uncover wrongdoing by government agents.

The government is busy, busy, busy.

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