Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gasoline is 25 cents per gallon higher in Rolla

The gasoline stations in Rolla must be making a killing off us.

I filled up early this morning and paid $2.699 per gallon for regular.

My wife and I went to California, Mo., to see my parents. On the way up we noticed that gasoline in Vienna was $2.559.

In California it was $2.449.

Look at that carefully. It is 25 cents per gallon less in California than Rolla.

The gasoline dealers in Rolla can charge that because Rolla is prosperous, full of University employees, health-care professionals, lawyers and teachers. They don't complain about the price of fuel. They complain about the lack of a mall, the lack of high-end shopping, the lack of expensive restaurants, you know, important issues.

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