Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eating healthier

My wife has decided we're going to eat a lot healthier foods, so for the last month or so we have been eating more fresh vegetables, chicken or fish, fruits for dessert.

Tonight for supper, she fixed salmon patties made with oatmeal instead of crackers, kale and corn on the cob. For dessert: watermelon. It was mighty tasty.

I had never eaten kale that I know of; I'm of the impression that it a sort of a dang Yankee green. We eat a lot of turnip, mustard and collard greens around this household; these are fine Southern greens, honorable and down-to-earth.

That's why I hate to admit that I liked that dang Yankee green, kale. It had a fine flavor with no bitterness at all; it also had a great texture. It is an all-around fine green. I hope I am wrong that it is a dadburn Northerner.

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