Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Progressives: the party of No

When it comes to energy, the so-called Progressives are not progressive. They are against everything.
Suggest drilling for oil in Alaska or offshore and they'll start worrying about spills. Of course, spills are bound to happen, one is in the news today, but so are car accidents and plane accidents and people still take their driver's license tests and buy plane tickets. You just have to live with setbacks, tragedies, accidents and deaths.
Suggest nuclear power, like the Progressive Europeans use, and the Progressives in the United States will worry about what to do with the spent fuel.
Suggest wind, and they'll oppose it because the windmills are ugly and the blades pose a danger to birds.
Suggest anything and they're against it.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce tracks the Progressive naysayers on its Project No Project website.

One of the promises in the development and deployment of new energy technologies is the creation of “green jobs,” and it is a promise we embrace. But the sad fact is all to often these “green jobs” run afoul of “green tape.” Even more unfortunate is that many of the same groups who are thinking globally are often acting locally to stop the projects that would create jobs and reduce CO2 emissions. These "Not In My Back Yard" folks, or NIMBYs as they are called, block energy projects by organizing local opposition, changing zoning laws, opposing permits, filing lawsuits, and bleeding projects dry of their financing. And far from just blocking modern coal plants; the truth is that they really don’t want a wind farm or any other energy source either.

Project No Project is an interactive venture that seeks to tell the story of NIMBY and its damaging impact on jobs, infrastructure and economic prosperity. Through Project No Project, the U.S. Chamber seeks to provide the cold, hard truth about NIMBY and radical environmental activism, and make our leaders finally pay attention to this growing problem.

Take a look at Project No Project so you can learn what's going on in your state and what you can do to eliminate the roadblock put up by the Progressive naysayers and fault-finders.

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