Friday, April 23, 2010

April is moving away too quickly

I just dumped 7/10 inch out of my rain gauge. Clouds today gave us a little rain, but most of it fell last night.

We started out the month with some warm weather, but it's been pretty cool this week.

I noticed yesterday on the way home from work the redbuds, which have been beautiful, are turning green.

The dogwoods are still splashing the hillsides with white.

Yesterday while sitting here writing, I looked up and out the window and saw a pair of cardinals on the shepherd's hook (that holds a couple of suet feeders) in the backyard. The male cardinal few towards me and landed on the seed feeder hanging from the eve.He ate a couple of seeds and then flew back to the shepherd's hook. I saw him pass a seed to the female cardinal. It looked like they were kissing.

Spring is moving on; the month is nearly over. I've got much yet to do before summer.

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