Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost 2 inches of rain

If you drive through rural Missouri, look closely at the forests and fields to your left and right, and try to figure out how many shades of green you see.

Driving home on Historic Route 66, I saw it clearly again that Missouri is greening up, thanks to the rain. As I said earlier, I emptied 7/10 of an inch from my rain gauge Friday afternoon. Then on Saturday, I emptied 9/10, on Sunday 2/10, on Monday 1/10. That adds up to 1.9 inches for this period of rain. There's a trace in the gauge today.

Weather Underground predicts clear skies tomorrow, partly cloudy Thursday and then a good chance of more rain and thunderstorms Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When I got home from work this afternoon, I spotted a pair of Indigo buntings playing around the back porch. Earlier while sitting here at the desk, my wife noticed that pair of Cardinals I wrote about a few days ago; the male was feeding seeds to the female again. Of course, my wife thought that was adorable. "He loves her," she said. Women are funny, aren't they?

Green forests and fields, deep blue Indigo buntings and a red Cardinal male combine for a colorful spring Ozarks experience. That's nice after the colorless winter.

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