Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some photos of the crowd at St. Pat's Parade

I really enjoyed the St. Pat's Parade this morning in Rolla. I've discovered over the years that I enjoy all Rolla events more now that I am no longer covering them for the newspaper. I don't have to worry about getting just the right photographs for the paper. I don't have in the back of my mind that I have a deadline to make and there are empty pages back in the newsroom yet to fill, so hurry up and get this over with. Now I can just relax and enjoy the show.

And that's what I did this morning and part of the afternoon. About 15 minutes before the parade I walked up and down Pine Street and took some photos of interesting people who were waiting for the parade to begin at 11 a.m. Among those waiting were a girl with her "baby" all bundled in a blanket; the furry baby even had its nails painted green.

The temperature was in the 30s, so everyone smart was bundled. One fellow even had his face covered with a scarf. I also got a shot of a young man proving Rolla's diversity as he adjusted his long green wig. I also spotted a friendly lady dressed like she was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

Children, some of them on the shoulders of their daddies and some standing on the curb, brought bags to collect candy thrown by folks in the parade.

There were also some religious folks carrying signs and working the crowd.

What was it? A motley crew, a milieu, a grab bag of mixed nuts? Maybe these photos (and the more to come) will help you decide.

It was quite a morning in good ole Rolla. I'm already looking forward to the 2011 parade.

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