Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rep. Brown to tour Army post Friday

State Representative Dan Brown (R-Rolla) will take his first official trip to Ft. Leonard Wood since coming to the General Assembly this Friday. Brown, who represents Rolla, St. James, and northern Phelps County, was elected in November of 2008 and began his freshmen term in January of 2009.

Although this will be Brown’s first trip as an elected official, he is no stranger to the fort and what role it plays in the surrounding communities.

“I’ve practiced veterinary medicine in Rolla for 34 years and have done lots of work for people connected to the fort,” Brown said. “I know that Fort Leonard Wood, and the servicemen and women who call it home, not only do a great deal to ensure the safety and security of our nation, but also have tremendous positive effects on the surrounding communities.”

Brown will begin the day with breakfast, after which he will attend a graduation ceremony for a group of Engineers. The graduation ceremony will be followed by a complete tour of the grounds and an overview of the various components of the fort.

“I really look forward to getting in there and learning more about the fort, it’s people, and what they do,” said Brown.

The Fort Leonard Wood Office of Public Affairs said in addition to the over 90,000 active or retired military personnel and their families at the fort, there are nearly 7,100 people employed by the Department of the Army or independent contractors.

“Not only are thousands of young men and women being trained to serve their country at any given time on the base, but 7,100 folks also work there everyday. No doubt about it, Fort Leonard Wood is a cornerstone of our local economies.” Brown says that although the economic benefits of the fort to Pulaski, Phelps, and other surrounding counties is substantial, the impact the servicemen and women and their families make on the outlying communities is invaluable.

“The people of the armed forces at Fort Leonard Wood are exactly the kind of people we want in our communities to serve as examples to our children and grandchildren,” he said. “I have gotten to know many of these young men and women through the Rolla Chamber of Commerce and have seen the impact they make in the community.”

Brown, who will be joined Friday by his colleague Rep. David Day (R-Dixon), will be listening to the issues and concerns most important to the fort and its mission.

“We must find ways to work with the federal government and foster a climate within State government to make certain that these people, both military and civilian, can do their job and do it well,” Brown said.

Day, a long time advocate for the fort, says he has found a real partner in Brown.

“It is great to have someone like Rep. Brown, who has a true appreciation for the men and women in the uniform, fighting with me in the House as we try to make Missouri a more military friendly State,” said Day.

“Anytime I work on a veteran’s issue, Dan is the first to join me in the effort.”

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