Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some websites about ag and doing it yourself

Here's a blog you'll want to bookmark and visit often, Think Outside the Barn, the blog of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. It's full of news and information about Missouri agricultural products. There are recipes, "Friday Fixin's," using those products.

If you live in outstate Missouri, either on a farm or homestead or in one of the Show-Me State's friendly small towns, you're likely a do-it-yourselfer, so you'll be interested in the revamped Lowes.com. You can go through all the products offered by my favorite home improvement store without getting out of your desk chair. You can even pick out what you want, pay for it online and then go pick it up at your local store. They'll have it ready for you. It's amazing what technology has done for us.

Getting back to agriculture for a minute, here's another good web page, Missouri Farmers Feed US. It's part of the Farmers Feed US website, which is offering free groceries for year. There are also "tours" of several Missouri farms. It's a valuable website.

Finally, if you're interested in ancient agriculture, way back before tractors were air-conditioned, here's an interesting website: Ancient foods.

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