Saturday, January 2, 2010

Potential third-party candidate goes silent

I just found out a Pulaski County man was in the process of forming a third party to run for U.S. Senate, a race that the media have already picked to feature Secretary of State Robin Carnahan as the Democratic candidate and U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt as the Republican candidate.

I say "was in the process" because I can't figure out what has happened to him.

Tony Laszacs, of Dixon, has a website claiming that he was in the process of forming something called the Moderate Conservative Party before Christmas. His website makes the following announcement regarding an announcement that was to have occurred Dec. 22:

There are exciting times in Waynesville, Missouri as Tony Laszacs, the Chairman of the committee to form a new political party which will be known as the Moderate Conservative Party of Missouri, is poised to make the official announcement soon. The question is, will he also announce that he will be the party's candidate for U.S. Senate should the committee secure enough signatures of registered voters to put the party on the ballot for the November 2010 election. All indications are that he will also make the announcement of his candidacy on December 22, 2009. Although Tony may announce the intent to form a political party and his candidacy, the voters of the state of Missouri will have the final word on whether the formation of the party will make it to the ballot for the November, 2010 general election. There are many indicators that he will easily secure the 10,000 signatures needed for the Secretary of State to officially put the party on the ballot and thus opening the door for his anticipated campaign for U.S. Senate. You will hear it here first should he choose to announce at that time.

The website also notes:

Tony Laszacs to announce the intent to form the Moderate Conservative Party of Missouri at 6:00 PM, December 22, 2009 at Hampton Inn in Saint Roberts, Missouri. This announcement is the initial step in a rigorous process of forming a political party. Once necessary paperwork is filed with the Secretary of State's office, the process then turns to the registered voters throughout the state of Missouri. Tony, the committee chairman, and his volunteers must secure 10,000 signatures of registered voters on a petition which must be filed prior to March 15, 2010. If the committee meets or surpasses the requirement and the Secretary of State confirms that the names are valid, the Moderate Conservative Party of Missouri may make it on the November ballot. The goal of the committee is to provide the voters of this great state with a third choice for the office of United States Senate representing the citizens of Missouri. With the help of others throughout the state, the committee feels confident that they will be able to meet and surpass the outlined requirements to ensure the Moderate Conservative Party of Missouri is able to place their candidate on the November 2010 ballot.
The Committee to establish the Moderate Conservative Party of Missouri is standing up to be the voice of all the citizens of Missouri. The slogan, A unified Voice for Missouri, enforces the concept that the candidate who runs under this party will loyally stand for all people that they are elected to represent. The party will operate under the idea that their candidates will always execute the duties of their office with the best interest of the citizens they represent first and foremost. There will be no moving to the middle to get elected only to fall back to party alignment once in office. “The Moderate Conservative Party is the middle”, says Tony Laszacs, Chairman of the Committee to form this party. Tony went on to say that “Missourians are tired of the political party stand offs that are taking place in Washington. It is dramatically effecting the passage of legitimate legislation for the citizens that they represent, especially for the people of Missouri. It seems as though the Country is being ran by the agenda of the political parties instead of an agenda that will clean up the mess that we have fallen into”. Tony and the committee have made it very clear that the people of Missouri are positioned to say enough is enough. “Missourians deserve a third choice that can represent the needs of Missourians. This committee and many volunteers across the state are on their way to secure enough signatures on the petition to place the party on the November 2010 ballot. We will give the people a candidate for U.S. Senate who will truly make a difference through dedicated service, hard work and compassionate leadership for all the citizens of Missouri”, says Roger Macon, the secretary of the committee. With five days remaining until the official announcement, there is a lot of excitement throughout the region.

Well, the site hasn't been updated. There's no ballyhoo about the beginning of a petition drive, so maybe he decided not to go ahead with this quixotic endeavor.

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